What People are Saying About Fun Raft®

“My young daughter and I enjoy our raft tremendously!”
Emily Hagen
Moorhead, Minnesota


“It’s the ultimate Floater! We absolutely love it. The mat is very comfortable.”
Brad & Ellen Amb
Portland, North Dakota


“We’ve really enjoyed our raft. We love to just lie on it. Very convenient & easy to store. We like the size, a place for the cooler and to have an anchor… is great!”
Peggy Carlson
Wahpeton, North Dakota


“I took our two kids last summer out on the raft in the middle of the lake one evening. The night was full of shooting stars. It’s a moment we will never forget. I really enjoy our raft and the fact that it is very comfortable.”
Lynette Neuschwander
Hawley, Minnesota


“Me and my two buddies borrowed my father-in-law’s Fun Raft and had a party on it on Detroit Lake. We could not believe how stable it was for three guys…even in the wind the anchor held the raft in one place. We had a ball including the dog who continued to jump off it!”
Luke Gardener
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota


“Very comfortable. Ideal for just one person to just sprawl out.”
Ken Cosset
West Fargo, North Dakota