Features and Benefits

  • Fun Raft is 8′ long by 4′ wide by 1’deep.
  • Made of UV protected polyethylene plastic over .20″ thick. Very durable and can hold over 550 pounds. New Safety yellow color and reflectors on each corner makes it easy to see in the water and provide maximum safety. Fun Raft weighs about 160 lbs. and is easy for two people to carry.
  • Unique anchor hole in front has “V” cuts to house the anchor. Raft comes with an 8 lb. anchor and 22 feet of soft braided rope. Drop anchor at your favorite spot by unwinding the rope wrapped around the outside cylinder. When anchor is down, secure the rope through the front and the back “V” cuts.
  • Two cavities on either side of the anchor hole are ideal for cooler, snacks, beach towels, books, magazines, sun tan lotion, radio etc.
  • Side handles (two on each side) make it very easy to hold on to the Fun Raft while in the water. Other uses for the handles are:
    1. Tie down to transport in a pickup
    2. Fasten to side of dock when not in use
  • Two convenient cup holders so your favorite pop or refreshment stay cold.
  • Laying surface is soft vinyl coated 4′ X 6′ ensolite mat one-inch thick that makes sunning a pleasure. Mat is fastened to raft by a back strap fastened through back handles. The back strap can double as a way to easily get on the raft from the back end. The mat can be used separately to enjoy on the water as well! Or how about as a extra mattress for the kids to sleep on in the cabin!
  • Two under cut handles in the front and back make it easy to transport the Fun Raft or lift it out of the water
  • Read a book or magazine, listen to i-tunes or the radio….Fun Raft is designed with a unique slanted book holder which may also be used as a head rest. Simply use a towel for comfort and enjoy the view.