Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Fun Raft®

How do I store my Fun Raft for the winter?
Easily! First wash the mat and raft thoroughly. Hot water and dish soap is fine. Raft can be stored outside, in a garage or boathouse. Store the ensolite mat separately in a warm place. Under a bed is a great place to store your ensolite mat. We recommend you purchase the water resistant canvas cover to keep your raft free from dirt, sand, bugs and leaves when not in use.

Will the anchor hold the raft?
Certainly! The 8-pound anchor & 22′ rope is sufficient to secure the raft in the water. It is possible if Fun Raft is used on a large body of water with high waves…a heavier anchor would be needed.

Do I need a license to have my Fun Raft on the lake?
Unlike larger rafts the Fun Raft does not require a licence in Minnesota.

How do I get on the raft? Does it come with a ladder?
YES! Fun Raft now has available a 4-step nylon rope ladder. We suggest this accessory when swimming in deep water. In shallow water, the back strap can be used to pull yourself back on the raft. From shoreline, simply hop on your raft, paddle to your favorite spot and enjoy the sun.

Is it easy to carry?
Yes. Fun Raft weighs approximately 160 pounds. Two Under-cut handles on each end make it easy for two adults to balance and carry.

Is Fun Raft easy to see in the water?
Yes. Fun Raft will submerge approximately 4 inches in the water with two adults. Fun Raft was designed with high buoyancy and will adequately hold over 550 pounds. The reflectors are placed high on the raft making it safe and easy to see by oncoming boats, pontoons or jet skis. New safety yellow color makes Fun Raft easy to spot.

How thick is the plastic?
Very thick. Fun Raft is made of high-impact polyethylene plastic .20 inches thick. The raft is very strong and very durable. New underside design provides suction to water maintaining level floating.

What is the size of the laying surface?
The laying surface is 4′ X 6′. The overall size if 4′ wide, 8′ long, and 1′ high. The book holder is an additional 6″ high. Laying surface can be extended if the book holder is used as a head rest along with a folded towel.

Will Fun Raft fade in time?
Very little. Fun Raft is made of UV protected plastic. The ensolite mat is also UV protected giving you many years of fun.